CBS announces Season 30 (5th Jan 2015)

CBS announces Season 30

CBS have announced the theme of the 30th season of the “Survivor” format for the USA. The season will be titled “Survivor - Worlds Apart” There will be 3 tribes with contestants split into White Collar, Blue collar, and No Collar.
Jeff Probst explained the concept to ‘Entertainment Weekly’ - “White Collars are the people who typically in life are educated, might work in an office, wear a suit—they make the rules. Blue Collar—the heart of America. They typically work outdoors. They might wear a uniform. They work with their hands. They follow the rules. And the No Collars are the people who break the rules. They don’t go by convention. They don’t care about the status quo.”
The season premieres with a 90 minute episode on February 25th 2015.