The Washington Post says - "Survivor" changed the face of television" (31st May 2015)

The Washington Post says -

“Exactly 15 years ago, a show called “Survivor” premiered. And it changed the face of television.

This strange new competition series, called a “reality show”, was considered such a risk that CBS aired it in the summer, formerly the dead zone of the television season. Then something amazing happened: Everyone started watching. During the finale, a staggering 50 million people tuned it to see Richard Hatch win $1 million after living for weeks on an island with strangers.

The extreme success of “Survivor” officially ushered in the era of reality television, and nothing has ever really been the same. Sure, “The Real World” was chugging steadily along on MTV since the ‘90s; but that was a cable show with a niche audience. When “Survivor” was a monster hit, it opened the floodgates. Everyone, particularly broadcast networks, wanted a piece of the success and massive fortune they sensed was around the corner.

Now, hundreds of reality shows are produced every year for almost every channel”.

Emily Yahr, Caitlin Moore and Emily Chow May 29, 2015 The Washington Post.