Survivor Format

SURVIVOR  is an astonishing TV phenomenon - the show that launched the reality genre of programming.

SURVIVOR continues to be the centre piece of broadcasting schedules around the world.

Sixteen people are sent to a desert island for weeks with barely the clothes on their backs. Only one will survive. Cameras follow their every move as they ruthlessly attempt to overcome the elements and each other to become the ultimate SURVIVOR , the winner of a huge cash prize.

Part docusoap, part competition, part human drama, SURVIVOR has become the world's most talked about television programme.

SURVIVOR currently airs in most of the world, and more than 50 different territories make their own local format versions.

SURVIVOR regularly achieves record ratings and audience share figures in the territories in which it appears.

SURVIVOR is now in its fourteenth year and many countries are producing their 14th,15th,16th or even 27th series, and achieving better results than ever before, highest audiences, largest advertising and sponsorship revenues, and best ancillary business opportunities.